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What happens after sign up?
We contact you via the details provided as soon as we receive them. That's when we get to call or email you (depends what you prefer), to discuss and get to listen to your specification. 
After my requirements are understood
It is usually after we understand your requirements specification when we quote you. Once we agree on a project initiation date, we serve the client with an invoice with amounts to be paid before and after project comencement. Its usually 50% before & 50% after.
How long does each project take
Project time depends with the density & complexity of the requirements. Website for huge corporates take us one and a half to two weeks where as for small projects we take hours. Another factor that has great influence on time completion is the information available from the client (text, images & other uploads). Clients with proper and complete information save themselves time, however we also have within our team highly skilled content writers who can draft it all for those who don't have informational inputs & photographers for images which in most cases take a little longer as compared to provided information.